The sister of God is now the fist of God

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1.3.0 (09-02-2021)

  • Updated Unity version.
  • Translated Game Over subtitle.
  • Improved Game Over screen look.
  • Revamped save system, adding now three save slots to play with.
  • Revamped difficulties.
  • Updated Mantis Shrimp logo.
  • Added arcade mode, to play without saving.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved some texts.
  • Vastly improved all Japanese texts.
  • Fixed resolution scaling in options and game control menus.
  • Improved menu navigation.

1.2.1 (01-07-2019)

  • Updated Unity version.
  • Only attempting Steam calls within Steam client now.
  • Load language from saved configuration, if any, before chosing System's language.
  • Gamepad now defaults to axis instead of stick for movement.
  • Improved menu navigation with gamepad.
  • Porperly translate Muhaidjinn's name in different languages.
  • In-game texts now smaller in Japanese to improve UI readibility.

1.2.0 (10-06-2019)

  • Made Desert Shooter slightly slower.
  • Made enemy Nun's initial position more visible, adjusted with difficulty.
  • Added a splitting enemy projectiles animations.
  • Removed Speed Boost items in Desert Zone, Act 1.
  • Improved Desert Zone Act 1 route design.
  • Made enemy Explosion hit other enemies.
  • Adapted Desert and Chemical shooters to all difficult modes.
  • Added warnings for all instant death spots in the game.
  • Improved Commie HQ Zone Act 1 upper route design.
  • Added missing Soviet enemy animation.
  • Adapted all bosses more thoroughly to the different difficulty modes.
  • Added the option to change the difficult setting when continuing the game.
  • Added a small animation when Nun's Cross impacts something.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved Aborting Mom's Pill attack visibility and added a breaking effect.
  • Added achievements for all difficulty modes.
  • Fixed Commie HQ boss main attack, which would not work as intended sometimes.
  • Fixed bug with Continue option after defeating Final Zone.

1.1.4 (15-04-2019)

  • Improved all sprites in Final Zone.
  • Added a Leninface animation.
  • Added a short cross fading animation for Nun's crosses.

1.1.3 (06-04-2019)

  • Made Lab Zone boss have a more fair transition, as it would most likely hit you out of the blue in intermission.
  • Made bosses easier in Easy and Very Easy modes, since they were basically the same, but they no longer grant the achivement in those modes.
  • Fixed debug mode functionality leak.
  • Added a hit counter for Lab Zone boss Scientist, as the count and clone could make it confusing.
  • Fixed Scientist text showing up Monastery text while loading.
  • Fixed camera bug with cables when looking up in Lab Zone.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Scientist clone to shoot while dead.

1.1.2 (02-04-2019)

  • Fixed bug that would allow enemies to shoot while just dying.
  • Made sure inactive objects cannot shoot.
  • Fixed Maoist hitbox (Commie HQ Zone).
  • Added two platforms on Desert Zone, Act 2, for clearer path view.
  • Fixed position of Commie Fire in Commie HQ Zone Act 2 to avoid Portal SFX spam.

1.1.1 (01-04-2019)

  • Added achievement for finding a secret area.

1.1.0 (31-03-2019)

  • Added achivements.
  • Fixed debug mode activation (for developers).

1.0.4 (29-03-2019)

  • Fixed jump kill bug that would allow enemies to hit you.

1.0.3 (28-03-2019)

  • Possessed Nuns now are shown in transparency before activation.
  • Possessed Nun now changes activation time and shot speed depending upon difficulty.
  • Added death animation for goat projectiles for extra flavour.

1.0.2 (27-03-2019)

  • Fixed a couple of badly positioned wafers in Monastery Zone, Act 1.
  • Improved Desert Zone act 1, added wafers indicating safe paths. Made one fall more fair to the player.
  • Improved reward for going through the upper path in Desert Zone Act 1, which is harder.
  • Select level secret screen now defaults to normal difficulty and grants default holy waters per level.
  • Added katakana game name in main title if you are playing in Japanese.

1.0.1 (25-03-2019)

  • Fixed some German texts.
  • Added missing name in credits.
  • Fixed some Basque texts.
  • Fixed a bug that would make pooled game objects remain inactive after retrieval.

1.0.0 (27-02-2019)

  • Fixed a floating door in Hospital 2.
  • Added missing collisions in Hospital 1.
  • Normalised and fixed Hospital theme.
  • Fixed boss dialogs, now press jump once to fill text, twice to close.
  • Improved boss checkpoint locations and teleport to boss on continue option.
  • Fixed looping of Night Bar theme.
  • Improved Night Bar barrel sprite.
  • Made Night Bar platforms a lighter gray.
  • Added a red outline to vaccine shots in Hospital.
  • Improved Hospital layout so all floors and vaccine shots align to be able to use crouch to avoid them.
  • Fixed more tearing.
  • Now enemy projectiles are deactivated when not seen.
  • Added more wafers to Hospital 2 to improve layout.
  • Fixed Hospital zone tile orientation in some parts.
  • Refactored Hospital shooters, now they work as expected with other similar mechanics.
  • Improved destroyable sand sprite.
  • Added missing collisions in Desert 2.
  • Fixed collision bugs in last part of Desert 2.
  • Improved crouch hitbox management so you never get hit unfairly.
  • Made Night Bar boss platforms fall down instead of disappearing.
  • Changed menus so you now pick difficulty upon starting a new game, not in options.
  • Fixed Desert 2 lower background foreground continuity.
  • Added missing German texts.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent enemies from shooting.
  • Fix new barrel collision box.
  • Fixed shooter speed (to maintain muscle memory in different difficulty levels).

RC6 (21-02-2019)

  • Fixed some background tearing problems.
  • Improved Nun animation management.
  • Added the possibility to move camera up and down holding the up/crouch keys.
  • Fixed a crash in Game Over.
  • Fixed a bug that would make poison shields stay on dead nurses.
  • Added a SFX for portal teleport.
  • Added a SFX for lever presses.

RC5 (17-02-2019)

  • Added some immunity frames after landing a jump hit.
  • Made instant kill chemicals in hospital a red colour.
  • Normalised Hospital theme volume.
  • Increased Hospital Zone moving platforms speed.
  • Increased range of shooters in Desert Zone.
  • Added a Holy Water reward on some difficulty levels upon passing an act.
  • Moved around checkpoints to make them more fair.
  • Added a laser block on Commie hq 1 so the path to take is more obvious.
  • Improved Lab Zone Act 2 layout.
  • Made continue option teleport you to boss if you reached the checkpoint before a Game Over.
  • Improved checkpoint position in Monastery 2.
  • Improved level layouts, added more holy waters.
  • Made Continue start with the minimum amount of holy waters for that level according to rewards.

RC4 (16-02-2019)

  • Fixed crash in control configuration.
  • Added new credits scene.
  • Increased kill zone below all levels.
  • Fixed a crash on audio source on final boss.
  • Fixed commie fires in Commie HQ.
  • Now tanks turn red just before firing.
  • Halo stars now disappear out of screen.
  • Limited the shooting angle of tanks.
  • Fixed ice blocks not being destroyable anymore.

RC3 (14-02-2019)

  • Added animation for Peter Churches.
  • Fixed layout bug that made moving platforms transport nun through some obstacles.
  • Fixed Monastery Zone Act 2 song looping.
  • Fixed bug in control configuration that would display an assigned key as unassigned.
  • Fixed bug that would lock the players in specific bosses, being unable to die or to fight them.
  • Fixed getting hit sfx sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed hospital boss name not being translated.
  • Added missing basque translations.
  • Fixed some collision issues in Hospital Zone Act 2.

RC2 (13-02-2019)

  • Added new parallax script to all backgrounds.
  • Made Scientist in Lab Zone to attack you if you attempt to jump hit him.
  • Added a basic animation for Peter Churches.
  • Fixed bugs with gamepad management.

RC1 (12-02-2019)

  • Improved menu management (again).
  • Fixed breaking bug in in-game menu.
  • Updated Monastery Zone Act 1 song, Church Charter, now looping properly.
  • Updated credits.
  • Added new visuals and effects for Lab Zone Act 2.
  • Added a new SFX for when Nun is hit.
  • Fixed enemy hit SFX not playing on jump kills.
  • Added lacking translations.
  • Added a visual effect for Portal teleportation.
  • Improved out of bounds management, now dying upon reaching the lower treshold, bigger bounds colliders.
  • Improved collisions and platforms in Monastery Zone and Commie HQ Zone.
  • Made bloodsteps less likely to appear mid-air even if actually colliding with the edge of a hitbox.
  • Updated Night Bar boss text to make it more idiomatic.
  • Fixed bug that would make act theme to play faster after dying with speed boost.
  • Fixed chemical shooters not shooting on Commie HQ Zone. (09-02-2019)

  • Added a poison shield to Nurse, making Hospital Zone slightly harder.
  • Improved in-game menu looks.
  • Added a text intro to each boss.
  • Made Night Bar platforms lighter, easier to see in different monitors now.
  • Improved input management in menus.
  • Improved camera flow in Hospital boss.
  • Added a very easy mode for Desert Boss.
  • Fixed Lab Boss clone hit interaction.
  • Added a praying animation for Nun before each boss.
  • Improved Night Bar Zone sprites and tiles.
  • Redesigned first and third phases of the final boss, quite harder now but also adaptable with difficulty settings.
  • Added (poorly self-made) Japanese translation.
  • Improved song looping for the final boss theme.
  • Added Japanese translation.
  • Improved final boss visuals.
  • Animated and updated hitbox on Marx-X flame.
  • Added Act End tune.
  • Improved Monastery Zone Act 2 background.
  • Improved and animated Aborting Mom sprite.
  • Animated Muhaidjinn.
  • Refactored Gamepad input controller, improved its functionality.
  • Refactored in-game menu, now more intuitive.
  • Refactored parallax component. (22-12-2018)

  • Added new Halo animation.
  • Fixed bug that allow enemies to hit you through invulnerability.
  • Halo now instantly kills any enemies it touches.
  • Invulnerability no longer runs out while on pause.
  • Fixed bug that would not display some layers. (17-12-2018)

  • Added recoil to Maoist's AK.
  • Fixed footsteps moving on their own in some cases.
  • Fixed checkpoints.
  • Fixed Musculocas sometimes not jumping.
  • Fixed Desert Zone commie fires and shooters.
  • Fixed Commie HQ Zone shooters.

0.9.9 (16-12-2018)

  • Implemented object pools to use less memory.
  • Fixed Commie Zone boss not instantiating.
  • Fixed final boss phases not ending.
  • Improved Hospital Zone boss behaviour.
  • Updated Main Menu.
  • Improved music management.
  • Improved collision detection in several places.
  • Animated possesed nuns.
  • Improved footsteps mechanics.
  • Animated Allahu.
  • Animated Goatfucker.
  • Animated Burkashabh.
  • Animated Djinn.
  • Animated Tumor nun.
  • Animated Priest.
  • Animated goats.
  • Improved Monastery Zone Act 2 tileset.
  • Animated Maoist.
  • Fixed bug on some values not resetting properly on death and level change.

0.9.8 (14-11-2018)

  • Fixed life substraction and game over triggering completely.
  • Added new sprites.
  • Fully implemented new Desert Boss, Muhaidjinn.
  • Fixed game-breaking bug when updating keybinds.
  • Implemented the possibility to drop from platforms pressing Crouch + Jump at the same time. (02-11-2018)

  • Updating Unity caused several bugs in the latest version. All or most of those have been fixed. Includes but not limited to dying twice getting you stuck and having to restart.
  • Song order for Night Bar and Desert zones switched.
  • In order to fix bugs, a half-way done new Desert zone boss, Muhaidjinn, has been added. It spawns later and is easier, but will be harder next version.

0.9.7 (02-10-2018)

  • Animated Slime.
  • Updated intro screen.
  • Added final boss song.
  • Updated game progress and configuration saving and loading.
  • Improved keybind configuration.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game not to restart after a death.
  • Updated Unity version.

0.9.6 (18-06-2018)

  • Updated Final Zone Graphics.
  • Fixed several game bugs.
  • Fixed being unable to pass specific levels.
  • Fixed camera lock after death.

0.9.5 (05-06-2018)

  • Added background and decoration to Lab Zone.
  • Improved Hospital Zone background.
  • Improved Lab Zone tileset.
  • Improved several sprites.
  • Added background and decoration to Commie HQ Zone.
  • Updated select level code.
  • Improved language detection.
  • Improved intro screen.

0.9.4 (03-06-2018)

  • Add parallax decoration to Desert Zone.
  • Improved Hospital Zone Act 2 background.
  • Updated French intro text.
  • Improved Night Bar Zone decoration.
  • Fixed several broken shooters.
  • Improved Altar sprite.
  • Improved Monastery Zone Act 1 tileset.
  • Improved Bible sprite.

0.9.3 (27-05-2018)

  • Improved Hospital Zone background.
  • Fixed broken shooters.
  • Added a background for Commie HQ Act 1.
  • Improved Night Bar Zone background.
  • Added translations for level finish screen.
  • Improved main menu background.
  • Fixed some parallax bugs.

0.9.2 (20-05-2018)

  • Fully implemented final boss.
  • Improved time bonus points management.
  • Eliminated slopes in Desert Zone Act 1.

0.9.1 (02-05-2018)

  • Slightly improved performance.
  • Implemented loading screen.
  • Fixed collisions in Night Bar Zone Act 1.

0.9.0 (02-04-2018)

  • Added navigation arrows in Lab Zone act 2 that display the way to go for switches.
  • Improved Lab Zone overall layout.
  • Added Final Zone boss phases 1 and 2 (only accessible by cheat code).
  • Added a parallaxing background to Hospital Zone Act 1.
  • Made act intro disk red.
  • Lab levers are now show as pushed when used.
  • Changed end of demo to credits scene.
  • Improved checkpoint management.
  • Fixed the camera limits for Hospital Zone Act 1.

0.8.2 (19-02-2018)

  • Added more Holy Waters in Lab and Commie HQ.
  • Lab Zone triggers are now properly stored on the checkpoints.
  • Fixed collisions in Desert Zone Act 1.
  • Fixed portals in Lab Zone Act 2, now all lead to where they should.
  • Added Final Zone layout.

0.8.1 (13-02-2018)

  • Improved performance. Will be noticeable in lower end computers, as the GC will kick-in less.
  • Removed blind spot in Monastery boss.
  • Slightly changed Lab boss.
  • Added a theme for the rolling text intro.
  • Implemented Commie HQ Zone boss.
  • Updated Lab Act 2 and Commie HQ Act 2 item layout.

0.8.0 (08-02-2018)

  • Added full mechanics for Lab Zone boss.
  • Added all Commie HQ Zone Act 2 content.
  • Normalised enemy projectile speed throughout all difficulty levels.
  • Started storing Holy Water number in Checkpoints.
  • Fixed hazards not hitting you again unless you exited and re-entered their hitbox.
  • Added fire in Monastery's boss blind spot.

0.7.1 (29-01-2018)

  • Fixed Desert Zone boss.
  • Improved Hospital Zone tileset.
  • Added new Hospital Zone theme.
  • Added first half of Commie HQ Act 2.
  • Updated Unity.

0.7.0 (26-01-2018)

  • Improved Monastery Zone Act 1 parallax.
  • Improved wafer sprite and animation.
  • Added Commie HQ Zone Act 1 entirely.
  • Improved performance and scene loading.

0.6.5 (17-01-2018)

  • Remove one Rainbow from Lesbian except in Expert mode.
  • Nerfed Night Queen (Night Bar Zone boss).
  • Animated Musculoca.
  • Updated cover image and logo.
  • Updated main theme.
  • Added game over song.
  • Added Lab Zone Act 2.

0.6.4 (10-01-2018)

  • Improved Gamepad detection.
  • Animated Lesbian.
  • Improved Looking Up sprite.
  • Improved Hospital Zone Act 1 layout.
  • Improved parallax effect.
  • Improved camera, smoother, doesn't move innecessarily.

0.6.3 (07-01-2018)

  • Implemented control configuration.

0.6.2 (03-01-2018)

  • Implemented Robots.
  • Finished Lab Zone Act 1 layout.
  • Vertical axis on gamepad will no longer automatically jump.

0.6.1 (02-01-2018)

  • Fixed altars (oops).
  • Animated Nude Nun boss.
  • Implemented Slime enemy.
  • Added items to Lab Zone Act 1.
  • Cross throws now inherit Nun's momentum to shoot faster than you run.

0.6.0 (28-12-2017)

  • Added Lab Zone Act 1 beta (lacks items and some enemies).
  • Implemented Portals.
  • Improved some sprites.
  • Improved performance.
  • Made explosions slower.
  • Fixed checkpoints, now they work as expected.
  • Made enemy invulnerability change with difficulty setting.
  • Improved Desert Zone Act 1 layout.
  • Improved hitbox and feet collision detection.
  • Made Nun invulnerable when showing Act End screen.
  • Made 2 Holy Waters the default for Medium difficulty (default).
  • Animated Doctors.

0.5.6 (19-12-2017)

  • Fixed bug where you'd get hit during a jump kill.
  • Added French language.
  • Added parallax background to Night Bar Zone.

0.5.5 (16-12-2017)

  • Improved Monastery Zone parallax background.
  • Made Atheist Kid's hitbox smaller.
  • Improved Monastery Zone Act 2 tileset.
  • Fixed bug that would cause game state to not to reset properly after death.
  • Fixed collisions in Hospital Zone Act 1.
  • Added more Holy Waters throughout the levels.
  • Fixed bug that would cause unrecoverable game state instadeath in Night Bar Boss.
  • Updated Night Bar Boss movement.

0.5.4 (12-12-2017)

  • Halved size of Hospital Zone Act 2.
  • Made Hospital Boss slightly easier.
  • Improved jump kill.
  • Animated nurse.
  • Added parallax background to Monastery Zone Act 1.
  • Improved Mantis Shrimp logo.
  • Improved Oblea Box sprite.

0.5.3 (10-12-2017)

  • Added Desert Zone boss.
  • Improved Desert Zone Act 2 background.

0.5.2 (08-12-2017)

  • Added Desert Zone Act 2.

0.5.1 (06-12-2017)

  • Improved Djinn movement.
  • Made Goatfuckers to throw Goats in both directions.
  • Fixed tearing issues in all levels.
  • Improved fire animation.
  • Improved Desert Zone act title name.
  • Added new sound effects.
  • Added specific Desert fire shooters.
  • Improved Desert Zone Act 1 routes, added platforms, made all paths flow properly.

0.5.0 (05-12-2017)

  • Improved blood steps.
  • Fully implemented Desert Zone Act 1.
  • Improved Sound Manager.
  • Added slopes. (17-11-2017)

  • Fixed various collisions.
  • Improved Mantis Shrimp logo. But not much.
  • Made level save to be for all acts.
  • Added Desert Zone Act 1 work in progress.

0.4.9 (27-10-2017)

  • Added "Very Easy" mode.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that would crash the game.

0.4.8 (24-10-2017)

  • Fixed wrong collisions in Monastery Zone.
  • Fixed bug with continue game not properly setting game status.
  • Fixed enviromental death bug in Night Bar boss.
  • Improved some UI text positioning.
  • Changed Monastery Zone Act 2 to have moving platforms in fire pits.

0.4.7 (20-10-2017)

  • Improved jump kill.
  • Fixed background in Night Bar Zone Act 1.
  • Fixed act numbering in act ending.
  • Added a theme for Night Bar Zone.
  • Fixed bug with falling platforms ignoring obstacles.

0.4.6 (08-10-2017)

  • Time bonus only scores for 2 minutes now.
  • Added German translation.
  • Fixed bug that would lock camera after a boss.

0.4.5 (27-09-2017)

  • Made vaccines to be destroyed upon hitting an obstacle.
  • Made rainbow shot's hitbox more forgiving.
  • Implemented enemies being able to have more than one hit.
  • Fixed bug with variable jump being locked.
  • Fixed some graphical issues.
  • Fixed instant game over on enviromental kills.
  • Fixed a fall in Monastery Act 1.

0.4.4 (20-09-2017)

  • Fixed a bug that would break camera after dying in Night Bar boss.
  • Implemented end of act outro and added score bonuses.

0.4.3 (18-09-2017)

  • Made cross throw a parable again.
  • Buffed Monastery boss.
  • Buffed Hospital boss.
  • Implemented jump hits on bosses.

0.4.2 (14-09-2017)

  • Fixed enviromental death in Night Bar boss.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Fixed Hospital Zone Act 1 intro.
  • Smoothed Night Bar platforms.
  • Made chemical pools hitbox more forgiving.

0.4.1 (12-09-2017)

  • Fixed main menu music not being tied to audio controls.
  • Improved volume options.
  • Added more game keys to pass intro screens.
  • Improved jump mechanics.
  • Fixed another bug with boss spawns.

0.4.0 (10-09-2017)

  • Added background to Monastery Act 2.
  • Made chemical shooter's projectile one-way only.
  • Improved Hospital Zone sprites.
  • Refactored Camera Manager.
  • Fixed blood splatters not leaving bloody feet.
  • Improved level layouts.
  • Improved jump kill.
  • Improved game pause.
  • Fixed checkpoints.
  • Added and updated backgrounds.
  • Fixed a boss bug with reinstancing after a death.
  • Improved game pad controls.
  • Implemented variable jump.
  • Implemented game saving.
  • Added continue game option.
  • Added score graphically going up after a kill.

0.3.9 (04-09-2017)

  • Lowered Nun fire ratio and improved its speed calculation.
  • Fixed null pointer in boss.
  • Improved layouts.
  • Made boss projectiles to destroy crosses.
  • Fix several small graphical and camera issues.
  • Made fetus spawns by Hospital boss change position.

0.3.8 (01-09-2017)

  • Switched level order, Night Bar Zone goes second now.
  • Fixed a bug with boss stages not being reset.
  • Improved Night Bar layout.
  • Improved SFX and music level options.
  • Changed shooting style to straight line.
  • Implemented jump kill for Nun.

0.3.7 (30-08-2017)

  • Improved options menu.
  • Fixed camera warp in Hospital Zone Act 2.

0.3.6 (28-08-2017)

  • Fixed a bug with boss respawn.
  • Added subtitle.
  • Made crosses to disappear on obstacles.
  • Improved text management.
  • Improved game over screen.

0.3.4 (27-08-2017)

  • Refactored boss code.
  • Implemented Night Bar boss.
  • Animated Nun.
  • Animated Atheist Kid.
  • Added fade in to splash screen.
  • Improved UI.
  • Added more sound effects.
  • Improved some sprites.
  • Replaced main menu art to look more 8 bitesque.

0.3.3 (25-08-2017)

  • Improved platforms in Night Bar Zone.
  • Improved level layouts.
  • Fixed some collisions.
  • Added more music.

0.3.2 (23-08-2017)

  • Fixed several collision problems.
  • Fixed null pointer in checkpoint code.
  • Fixed game state reset after resetting game through game menu.
  • Refactored Text Manager.
  • Fixed bug with jumping more than once at the same time.
  • Fixed platform bugs.
  • Fixed bug with inaccesible part of Night Bar Act 2.
  • Improved on-air controls.
  • Made score to be stored through levels.
  • Improved level layouts.

0.3.0 (22-08-2017)

  • Designed and implemented Musucloca enemy.
  • Designed and implemented Lesbian enemy.
  • Implemented Night Bar Zone Act 1.
  • Made menus support changing keys for actions.
  • Implemented main game menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented fire from killing Nun.
  • Improved collision detection.
  • Fixed a bug preventing chemical waters from killing Nun.
  • Made Hospital Zone Act 2 last part a bit easier.
  • Designed Night Bar Zone Act 2 Layout.
  • Made some Night Bar Zone decoration.
  • Added Night Bar Zone as a playable zone after Hospital.
  • Animated Possessed Nuns spawning.
  • Improved Monastery Zone sprites.

0.2.7 (20-08-2017)

  • Implemented crouching.
  • Implemented a new Input Manager.
  • Added some game pad support.
  • Improved control handling.
  • Designed Night Bar Zone Act 1 layout.
  • Refactored Audio Manager.

0.2.1 (10-08-2017)

  • Fixed hit reg bugs.
  • Fixed inaccessible part in Hospital Act 2.
  • Implemented Coke as a speed boost item.
  • Made checkpoints to store items.
  • Added Nun jumping sprite.

0.2.0 (09-08-2017)

  • Implemented Sound Manager.
  • Implemented Hospital Zone boss.
  • Added sound effects.

0.1.5 (08-08-2017)

  • Implemented Hospital Zone Act 2.
  • Improved interactuation bewtween Nun and moving platforms.
  • Added chemical pools.
  • Added debugging keys.
  • Finished Hospital Zone Act 2.
  • Made checkpoints to store wafers.
  • Made Priest immune to damage while hidden.
  • Improved Monastery Zone layouts.

0.1.0 (06-08-2017)

  • Designed Hospital Zone.
  • Implemented Hospital Zone Act 1 layout.
  • Made Holy Water to refresh after a death in Normal and Easy mode.
  • Added Nurse enemy.
  • Added blood on enemies.
  • Added blood stains on Nun.
  • Added items to Hospital Act 1.
  • Implented bloody steps trailing.
  • Implemented moving platforms.
  • Implemented falling platforms.
  • Updated Monastery Zone to include new platforms.
  • Implemented chemical shooters for Hospital Zone.
  • Designed Hospital Act 2. (04-08-2017)

  • Added more sprites.
  • Added new 2d platformer movement.
  • Fixed a bug with checkpoints.
  • Changed Monastery Boss layout and mechanics.
  • Changed the default settings for the game player.
  • Added Monastery Act 1 music.
  • Made Nun's hitbox smaller so it's more fair. (01-08-2017)

  • Nerfed Possessed Nun.
  • Improved Nun's movement.
  • Fix checkpoint carrying onto the next level bug.
  • Improved sprites slightly.

0.0.6 (30-07-2017)

  • Implemented language manager.
  • Implemented main menu.
  • Updated camera to work on a 4:3 aspect ratio always.
  • Improved cross sprite.
  • Improved enemy movement.
  • Added baby item.
  • Implemented fires that kill Nun.
  • Implemented Holy Water.
  • Difficulty setting now changes how many Holy Waters you start with.
  • Implemented Checkpoint functionality.
  • Added and implemented Rosary as invulnerability item.
  • Improved language management and added more Catalan texts.
  • Designed and made Monastery Zone Act 2.
  • Implemented Priest enemy.
  • Animated wafers.
  • Implemented Possessed Nun enemy.
  • Limited cross fire rate.
  • Improved cross throw trajectory.
  • Implemented Monastery Zone boss.
  • Added Portuguese and Basque texts.
  • Improved jump mechanics.
  • Implemented act finishing transitioning to next level.
  • Implemented act intro animation.

0.0.5 (24-07-2017)

  • Implemented wafer.
  • Added UI game indicators.
  • Implemented Nun's death.
  • Implemented Game Over.
  • Added all wafers to Monastery Act 1.
  • Implemented score.
  • Implemented checkpoint sprites.
  • Implemented difficulty levels.

0.0.4 (22-07-2017)

  • Added main theme.
  • Monastery Zone act 1 designed and made.
  • Wafer sprite drew.


  • Development was halted for a year.

0.0.3 (02-08-2016)

  • Implemented splash screen.
  • Implemented intro screen.
  • Added main screen image.
  • Nun can now shoot and kill enemies.

0.0.2 (01-08-2016)

  • Nun sprite blinks when hit by an enemy.
  • Atheist Kid drawn and moving.

0.0.1 (19-07-2016)

  • Nun sprite drawn.
  • Nun can move.
  • Game camera follows Nun.